Was your home built before 1978?

Find out about lead paint dangers possibly present in homes developed prior to 1978

If you live in a home constructed prior to 1978, please keep reading (and forward this to others) to find out ways to secure yourself and your household from the lead paint dangers that may exist in your house.
Who does this issue?
An estimated 80 million houses in the United States might consist of lead paint or lead varnish.
Why is this an illness?
Click here Lead and lead consisting of dust does posture a major health risk to both adults and kids, even household animals. The creation of dust as a result of carrying out numerous home remodelling projects like sawing, grinding, scraping, and sanding of home components which contain lead paint ought to be prevented.
Why is there lead in paint in the first location?
The addition of result in paint was commonplace up until its prohibiting the the 1970 ′ s. Lead enhanced the paint and made it more long lasting.
Exactly what is EPA RRP?
RRP means to help those doing this work due so in such a way that protects themselves and the residents from lead poisoning. If you hire someone that intends to carry out any work that interrupts six (6) square feet or more of interior lead painted surfaces or twenty (20) square feet or more on the exterior, they must be EPA RRP Certified Renovators.
Exactly what should property owners or DIYers do?
Get home evaluated if it was constructed prior to '78 and prior to performing renovation tasks. If lead is present, contact a licensed professional, prevent disturbing lead painted elements.

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